Chapter 1 General Provisions
1-01 Creation of a Code of Ordinances
1-02 Issuance of Citations for Violations of Town Ordinances

Chapter 2 Government and Administration
2-01 Village Powers
2-02 Town Board Meeting and Parliamentary Procedure
2-03 Board of Review
2-04 Confidentiality of Income and Expenses Provided to the Assessor for Assessment Purposes
2-05 Change the Clerk-Treasurer Position from Elected to Appointed
2-06 To Extend Town Officer Terms in Response to Election Law Changes
2-07 Establishing Split Shifts for Election Officials
2-08 Vacant
2-09 Establish Authorization of Meeting Attendance by Electronic/Telecommunication Means

Chapter 3 Finance and Public Records
3-01 Room Tax and Forfeiture
3-02 Alternate Claim Procedure for Refunds of Tax Payments in Excess of Tax Bill Amounts
3-03 Destruction of Obsolete Records 
3-04 Authorizing East Troy Fire Department to Hold Volunteer Funds
3-05 Overpayment of Taxes or Fees or Other Obligations
3-06 Treasurer's Bond

Chapter 4 Public Safety
4-01 Emergency Government
4-02 Adopting the NIMS
4-03 Emergency Numbers for 911 System
4-04 Dogs Running at Large
4-05 Rescinded Ordinances Related to Membership in the East Troy Area Emergency Services District
4-06 Public Nuisance (NEW 08.09.2023)

Chapter 5 Health and Sanitation
5-01 Recycling and Solid Waste Disposal

Chapter 6 Public Works
6-01 Town Highway Design and Construction
6-02 Designation of Class "B" Highways
6-03 Protection of Town Highways from Damage Caused by Construction
6-04 Depositing of Snow on Public Right-of-Ways
6-05 Regulating the Excavation of Roads and Public Ways
6-06 Mail Boxes on Town Roads or Town Right-of-Ways
6-07 Regulating the Placement of Signs

Chapter 7 Traffic and Vehicles
7-01 Traffic Control
7-02 Unnecessary Noise
7-03 All-Terrain Vehicle and Utility-Terrain Vehicle Routes and Regulations (note: effective date of Sept. 1, 2023)

Chapter 8 Land Division and Development
8-01 Land Division
8-02 Development Review and Permitting
8-03 Adoption of the Comprehensive Plan 2035
8-04 Adoption of the Map Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan 2035
8-05 Adoption of An Amendment to the Comprehenstive Plan 2035
8-06 Adoption of Map Amendment to Comprehensive Plan 2050

Chapter 9 Building and Construction
9-01 Uniform Dwelling Code
9-02 Requirements for Driveway Construction (Updated 07.20.2023)
9-03 Adoption of SPS 316 Electrical Code

Chapter 10 Licenses, Permits, and Regulations
10-01 Alcohol Beverages (Updated- 06.21.2023)
10-02 Adult Bookstores and Adult Entertainment Taverns
10-03 Placement of Weight Restrictions on Town Roads
10-04 Special Event Permitting
10-04.01 Special Event Application
10-05 Lakeland Animal Welfare Society, Inc.
10-06 Dog and Kennel Licensing
10-07 Regulation of Fireworks
10-08 Allowing ETESD to Charge for Mitigation Rates for Emergency and Non-emergency Services
10-09 Town Cemetery

If you would like a copy of the signed ordinance, contact the Clerk.