Property Tax Bills

Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Bills have been mailed.

We encourage residents to mail in tax payments. If  paying with cash, you will need to make an appointment, please have the exact change.

Receipts available at

To assist in processing your payment, please include the tax key number(s) on all checks and endorse escrow checks made out to both the Town and yourself. As noted on your tax bill, checks should be made payable to:

  • Town of LaFayette Treasurer if paid by January 31, 2023
  • Walworth County Treasurer if paid after January 31, 2023

City does not accept post-dated checks, it will be returned if noticed, otherwise it will be processed the day it’s received.

Payments are receipted the day received. If you would like a receipt mailed, enclose a self-addressed stamped business sized envelope with your payment.

You may also print a receipt by going to the Walworth County's website Real Estate Tax Parcel.

  1. Search for your parcel (it is easiest to search by your address or name).
  2. Click on your Parcel number.
  3. Select Detail-Taxes.
  4. Click on the Tax Year in red you want the receipt from.
  5. Click on Printer Friendly.

Please Note: Payments for dog/cat licenses cannot be included in your property tax payment.

Address Changes

All requests to change a mailing address must be submitted in writing by the property owner to the Walworth County Treasurer.

Lottery and Gaming Tax Credit

Wisconsin residents can claim the Lottery and Gaming Tax Credit as a reduction of real estate taxes owed for their primary residence if they live there more than 6 months of the year as of January 1, 2022. If you bought your home after January 1 you may qualify for the credit if the home was used by the previous owner as their primary residence on January 1. If you qualify but the credit does not appear in the 2022 Net Tax column above the Net Property Tax amount on your bill, you can complete a Lottery Credit Application and return it with your payment.